Albertina sisulu

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Albertina Sisulu – “a symbol of courage, fortitude and calm endurance”

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Albertina Sisulu Centenary

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A year how, her husband became general secretary of the ANC, while she still questionable full-time as a dictionary to support them. Albertina Sisulu, (Nontsikelelo Thethiwe), South African political activist (born Oct.

21,Camama, Cape Province [now in Eastern Cape province],—died June 2,Johannesburg,, was a revered figure in the struggle against South Africa’s apartheid system as the wife of African National Congress (ANC) leader Walter Sisulu and in her own right, especially during his long.

Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu (born ) was one of the most important women leaders of the anti-apartheid resistance in South Africa. She was a leader of the African National Congress Women's League and the Federation of South African Women in the s.

Max Sisulu's wife, Elinor, wrote in In Our Lifetime, a biography of her parents-in-law, that what Albertina found hardest to bear was the persecution of her children. Max was forced into. Albertina Sisulu lived under nearly unimaginable circumstances for much of her adult life as one of the most harassed opponents of apartheid in South Africa.

This was a widely reviled system of segregation laws that restricted nearly every aspect of life, including their political rights, for the. July, Albertina received a letter from the Liquidator informing her that he had sworn evidence that she was a member of the Communist Party and that FEDSAW was under "communistic domination and control" because its leaders; Albertina Sisulu, Eufemia.

Albertina Sisulu

July, Albertina received a letter from the Liquidator informing her that he had sworn evidence that she was a member of the Communist Party and that FEDSAW was under "communistic domination and control" because its leaders; Albertina Sisulu, Eufemia Hlapane and .

Albertina sisulu
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