Downturn in ontario economy

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Policy & Political Action

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Canadian incomes jump, Ontario residents hit by manufacturing downturn: Statistics Canada

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How Canada’s economy went from boom to recession so fast the debate is how long and deep Canada’s downturn could be. And yet, with an election on the horizon, Ottawa seems in denial.

Canadian incomes jump, Ontario residents hit by manufacturing downturn: Statistics Canada By Laurie Monsebraaten Social justice. Kensington Capital Partners is pleased to announce the rebranding of the Kensington Hedge Fund I to the Kensington Alternative Strategies Fund effective February 15, The Kensington Alternative Strategies Fund will continue to be known for its consistent and stable return, enabling protection to investors in times of market downturn.

There are lots of reasons why homeowners won’t sell and number one is that they have no where to go. Last month’s sad news regarding job losses in Ontario will be followed by even worse news very shortly. Toronto’s unemployment rate remains stubbornly high at %.

PL14CHHelleiner ARI 14 April IPE: international political economy INTRODUCTION The global financial crisis of – was the most severe since the Great Depression.

Downturn in ontario economy
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How Canada's economy went from boom to recession so fast