Hemp a crop with no future for this society

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A Crop With no Future For This Society

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Hemp A Crop with no future for this society Essay

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In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs treats hemp as a purely non-food crop, but with proper licensing and proof of less than % THC concentration, hemp seeds can be imported for sowing or for sale as a food or food ingredient.

Hemp: A Crop With no Future For This Society. Throughout many areas of the United States a small, slender plant can be found growing in the wild. It is commonly referred to as hemp. Hemp is a plant that comes from the Cannabis sativa family.

Hemp looks strikingly similar to marijuana and can very easily be mistaken for it, but these two plants. Hemp is an attractive rotation crop for farmers. As it grows, hemp breathes in CO2, detoxifies the soil, and prevents soil erosion.

What’s left after harvest breaks down into the soil, providing. Since the dawn of time industrial hemp has been used for every day items, including paper.

The very first paper that human beings ever used was, in fact, made from industrial hemp, and now researchers believe we can begin turning this crop into paper, saving us some valuable forests in return.

In The Ecologist published an iconic Special Edition' devoted to the multi-use 'wonder crop' hemp. 34 years on, the energy and industrial crop of the future?

Thomas Prade | 5th January A promising crop of hemp.

The Hemp Deception: Stealing the Future of the American People

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Hemp a crop with no future for this society
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