Project management simulation

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Project Management Simulation

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Project management simulation

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Project Management Simulation During the last 5 weeks of the course, you will work on a Project Management Simulation provided by Harvard Business Online.

The fee is $ to enroll. Get hands-on project management experience via a multiple team project simulation. Practice project management methodology and techniques in developing solutions to project management challenges.

The use of this software simulation exercise is expected to produce a number of benefits for the participants.First, participant levels of project management knowledge are expected to increase as a result of their training experience. PharmaSim is a marketing management simulation based on the over-the-counter cold medicine industry.

While it focuses on brand management, the issues raised apply to marketers in any industry. Project Management Exam Simulation Free Advertisement THIS FREE APPLICATION INCLUDES:¢ 3 Questions from each of the chapters of the PMBOK Guide 4th Edition¢ 5 Questions for the PMP Exam simulation¢ Answers with details and references¢ 5 Study Tips for your PMP Exam Prep¢ 5 Quotations on Project.

For maximum benefit in this program, we strongly recommend participants attend the Developing Project Management Skills workshop or an equivalent course prior to attending the Advanced Project Management Skills with Simulation and Building and Sustaining Project Management .

Project management simulation
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