Qt windows directwrite api

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Qt Documentation

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@mchinand, thank you for your reply. I did not add any my own code, the codes are from project wizard, an "empty" Qt Widgets Application generate by QtCreator.

The stack trace shows the problem is in Qt's font engine and Windows DirectWrite API, maybe the. 'Windows Runtime XAML Framework' (code name "Jupiter") is a user interface API that is part of the Windows Runtime (WinRT) programming model that forms the backbone of Windows Store apps (formerly known as Metro-style or Immersive) for the Windows 8, Windows and Windows Phone operating systems.

Introduction to DirectWrite. Microsoft has added two interesting new API's to Windows 7: Direct2D and DirectWrite. Direct2D replaces GDI and GDI+. It can render more accurate results and has support for hardware acceleration on your graphics hardware.

DirectWrite is a new API to render text. 16 Comments on Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, say no more!

Introduction to DirectWrite

Posted in C++, KOffice, macOS, Painting, Qt, Windows At the time of writing, the task with the most votes in Qt’s bug tracker is the somewhat vaguely named umbrella task “Allow better font rendering for projects like Koffice”.

Qt windows directwrite api
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