Remoteness of damages

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Remoteness in English law

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remoteness of damage

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Remoteness of damage relates to the requirement that the damage must be of a foreseeable type. In negligence claims, once the claimant has established that the defendant owes them a duty of care and is in breach of that duty which has caused damage, they must also demonstrate that the damage was not too remote.

A test of remoteness of damage was substituted for the direct consequence test. The test is whether the damage is of a kind that was foreseeable. If a foreseeable type of damage is present, the defendant is liable for the full extent of the damage, no matter whether the extent of damage was foreseeable.

For "Remoteness of vesting" see instead Rule against perpetuities. In English law, remoteness is a set of rules in both tort and contract, which limits the amount of compensatory damages for a wrong. Psychiatric damage giving rise to physical consequences or a recognized psychiatric illness caused by a sudden and unexpected traumatic event.

remoteness of damage 1 in contract law, the concept that protects the contract-breaker from having to pay for all the consequences of his breach. Since one of the principal aims of the law of contract is certainty, the rules are well settled. In English law, remoteness is a set of rules in both tort and contract, which limits the amount of compensatory damages for a wrong.

In negligence, the test of causation not only requires that the defendant was the cause in fact, but also requires that the loss or damage sustained by the claimant was not too remote.

Remoteness of damages
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