Speech coaching

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"Leading organizations and people to transform, one by one, is the work of the Hudson Institute. The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching is a succinct articulation of the process, the approach, and the journey to transforming people and organizations at their core." —from the Foreword by Greg Honey.

Motivational keynote speaker, Vince Poscente will help you reach your goals in 1/2 the time. How?

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By overcoming obstacles and sustaining resiliency. The instruction and coaching helped me to truly enjoy speech and debate, conquer an initial fear of public speaking, and get the most out of my experience.

I would highly recommend it to anyone. Jozef Soja.

From 'shrill' housewife to Downing Street: the changing voice of Margaret Thatcher

3rd place LD, National Championship. The Genard Method’s Presentation Coaching provides a short-term, personalized solution to help you perform at your peak. You'll learn performance-based skills for rehearsing and delivering your presentation with impact.

Speech Training

One minute speech to the right group of potential clients, prospects or superiors has the power to double or triple your income and open doors of opportunity that are closed to 95% of the population. 17 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Presentation Coach When it's time to make an investment in an executive speech coach, there's a lot to consider.

These tips will help you make a smart choice.

Speech coaching
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