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Steven Strauss

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Stephen Strauss is a science writer with over 30 years of experience in the Canadian media. He covered science over a 25 year period for Globe and Mail and since leaving there has written a regular column for the CBC’s website.

Subject-matter specialties: Local and State Reporting, National Reporting, International Reporting, Arts and Entertainment, Automotive and Urban Planning, Business and Finance, Environment and Sustainability, Politics/Public Policy, Media Reporting, Military and National Security, Science/Medicine, Sports and the Business of Sports, Technology.

The late Dr. Richard Strauss, who is accused of groping scores of male athletes at Ohio State for decades before his suicide, published ads in ostensibly aimed at luring students to his clinic. Mar 13,  · Stephen Hawking Dies: while he was taking part in the Seattle Science Festival Luminaries Series.

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Stephen strauss science writer seattle
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