Strategic recruitment selection

Selection Strategies for HR

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Definition of the Recruitment & Selection Process

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Human Resources and Training

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Before starting the real reference check process, be included to: Refer to the History Media Guidelines. Strategic Selection is a leading International Search Consultancy set apart by its professionalism, depth of experience and passion for people.

Collaborating with many of the world’s most respected businesses as their trusted search partner, we find the talent they need to.

Strategic Plan

Introduction. Experienced and/or senior professionals in the recruitment and selection function as well as senior employees in Human Resources. The program is also very useful for those working in workforce planning and nationalization.

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Strategic management involves employing selective and specific processes across all aspects of the business, including the recruitment and selection process, to help the business achieve optimal. Spanning permanent, temporary & executive search recruitment, Cpl's service suite & specialist teams are there to attract the best talent out there for your company.

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Strategic recruitment selection
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