Taxing sugary drinks essay writer

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Should taxes on cigarettes be increased?

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The Great Soda Tax Debate – The Pros and Cons of Taxing Soft Drinks

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Should Schools Ban Soda?

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But Arts was right. Nov 17,  · I'm writing a paper for my English class and I can't seem to develop a cause and effect thesis on my topic.

I am writing about the proposed tax on sugared beverages and attempting to persuade the audience that this tax is Resolved.

The tax rate being bandied about is a penny per ounce, the same amount that voters in Berkeley, Calif., overwhelmingly decided to levy on sugary drinks in balloting last year. The Philadelphia proposal is triple the size of the only sugary-drinks tax approved in the United States, a penny-per-ounce levy that Berkeley, Calif., began phasing in a year ago.

San Francisco is the latest municipality that wants to fight the battle of the bulge by taxing sugary drinks.

Here's why it doesn't work. Throughout this paper Sugar Sweetened Drinks are referred to as SSDs and defined as carbonated and un-carbonated water based drinks with added sugar (e.g.

fizzy drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, squash, lemonades, and cordials). The basic idea behind sugary drink taxes is this: These beverages are a modifiable component of the diet, and making drinks like soda more expensive through taxation might help reduce consumption, improve awareness of the health harms.

Taxing sugary drinks essay writer
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Why a Soft Drinks Tax is not the Answer | Australian Beverages