Why we should conserve species

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8 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Worrying About Endangered Species

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Why Plant Conservation is Important

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iii) Economic value: In our daily life, we use many things, which are products of wildlife. So, plant conservation is an essential component of efforts for biodiversity conservation. As plants are at risk of extinction, in all parts of the world, their conservation is a priority.

Species extinction (where a species ceases to exist) is a normal process. Congress further stated its intent that the Act should conserve the ecosystems upon which endangered and threatened species depend.

Some of the many specific reasons to invest money and effort into actions to conserve species threatened by extinction include.

Why do we need to conserve biodiversity? Biodiversity describes the whole range of the different varieties of living things and systems on this earth.

Why protect

Biodiversity can be found everywhere – it includes animal species, plant species. that the Act should conserve the ecosystems upon which endangered and threatened species depend. Although extinctions occur naturally, scientific evidence strongly indicates that the current rate of extinction is much higher than the natural or background rate of the past.

The main force driving this higher rate of loss is habitat loss. A ‘New Conservation’ As biodiversity continues to decline globally, there has been much renewed debate about the strength of different arguments for why we should do more to conserve hopebayboatdays.com of this debate has centred on the perception of a ‘New Conservation’, which puts emphasis on the services that biodiversity provides for humans rather than only on the value that nature.

Why we should conserve species
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