Writers like bukowski

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20 Best Authors like Charles Bukowski

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Charles Bukowski Quotes. 98, likes · 1, talking about this. Charles Bukowski Quotes, a resource for the German-American writer. On Twitter at. The Charles Bukowski novel Women is considered by many to be one of his best. The women Charles Bukowski writes about are the familiar prototype in the rest of his work, at least for the most part.

“The worst thing for a writer is to know another writer, and worse than that, to know a number of other writers. Like flies on the same turd.

KP Singh, Writer, Philosopher, Singer, MMA Junkie, Avid reader, and a Psychopath. Answered Feb 17, You can try exploring great writers from beat generation like Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac.

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Mar 26,  · Henry Miller is quite similar to Bukowski (or Bukowki is similar to him should I say) in that he writes about the same themes and is very anti establishment.

Miller is not a misanthrope like Bukowski was, and he was a better writer in my opinion. Now if you want to become a great writer like Bukowski don’t try boozing at the typewriter, that won’t work. First nail down the craft like Bukowski did during those years of rejection from rooming house to cold water apartment.

Writers like bukowski
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